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Australian introduces The Ultimate Collection 
Australian, known of the premium UTZ Certified chocolate and coffee varieties, introduces a new ice cream collection in a tin. Three fresh sorbet flavours and four ice cream flavours enrich the range of Australian. By the use of only natural ingredients the ice cream is soft, full and pure of taste. The ice cream, which don't have any artifical additives, is presented in a striking tin package which is 100% recyclable. Australian will focus on the consumers which know what they want and consciously will choose for high-quality products.
The Ultimate Collection Premium Ice Cream
The ultimate Collection Premium Ice Cream is available in seven flavours. Vanilla, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Cappuccino, Strawberry, Mango and Lemon. The juiciest lemons of Sicily, hazelnuts of the Piemonte region, vanilla of Madagascar and carefully selected mangos will quarantee an explosion of flavour. The seven ice cream flavours are presented on an unique way in a 600 ml striking tin.

100% natural, fair and responsible
The brand Australian is known of the combination between culinairy and environmentally healthy choices. Acknowledge of ingredients, preferably organic, and avoiding artificial additives ensure the purity of the product. The new ice cream varieties are packed in a 100% recyclable tin. This packaging meets the important aspect of sustainability, the idea of re-using materials.

Be surprised by the seven surprising flavours. Now available at Makro and a selected number of SPAR supermarkets.

  • Ultimate Collection - Vanilla ice cream 600 ml 
    The basic, pure and natural! The taste of ice cream
    which was once intended, so with a rich, creamy taste.
    On request
  • Ultimate collection - Lemon sorbet 600 ml 
    If you have ever smelled and tried a Sicilian lemon,
    you know how a lemon should be.
    On request
  • Ultimate collection - Mango sorbet 600 ml 
    Immerse yourself in the fresh, sweet taste of our mango ice cream.
    On request
  • Ultimate collection - Strawberry sorbet 600 ml 
    Strawberry like strawberry should be. The seeds are
    still in, so it will taste like eating summer strawberries.
    On request
  • Ultimate Collection - Chocolate ice cream 600 ml 
    Ice cream with the taste of dark chocolate filled
    with crunchy chocolate pieces for a surprisingly
    eat effect.
    On request
  • Ultimate Collection - Hazelnut ice cream 600 ml 
    Our hazelnuts are coming from the Piemontes region.
    Beautiful picked on time and roasted perfectly for our
    creamy and richly filled hazelnut ice cream.
    On request
  • Ultimate Collection - Cappuccino ice cream 600 ml 
    Our cappuccino ice cream is made with the best
    Arabica coffee with a strong flavour. The combination
    with the milk makes the ice cream creamy and aromatic.
    On request
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